importers fear a shortage of cognac and bourbon for the New Year

wine bottles

Alcohol wholesalers and retailers are seeing a shortage of popular brands of liquor. By the New Year, market participants fear a serious shortage of champagne, whiskey, liquor and bourbon – they were previously imported from abroad, RBC writes.

In the pre-New Year purchases of shops and restaurants, demand increased significantly for French cognac, sparkling wines and Scottish brandy. Most of the market in these categories was occupied by foreign manufacturers. They left Russia because of the sanctions imposed by Western countries, clarifies RBC on Wednesday, November 9th.

Some industry participants expect to replace the products of large foreign alcohol producers through cooperation with Western private farms – sparkling wine from independent French champagne producers, whiskey from small Scottish factories. A gradual reorientation of the market towards Russian manufacturers is also expected.

Earlier, the media also reported that stocks of imported alcohol in Russia could run out by December. In November, the Ministry of Industry and Trade introduced alcohol to the list for parallel import. The list includes brands of wines, champagne and spirits.

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