how to take care of your face in winter

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Experts advise switching from light, moisturizing creams to more oily and nourishing ones with the first cold weather. During this period of the year, the condition of oily skin is as close as possible to normal, the properties of normal approach dry, and dry turns into very dry and sensitive.

Experts talked about several rules for winter facial care. They will help the products act more efficiently and not harm the skin.

Apply cream ahead of time

Cosmetologists do not recommend walking in the cold on a regular basis with a face wet from the cream. According to them, this can lead to severe dehydration. It is best to apply it 20-30 minutes before leaving the house. For example, make it a habit to moisturize your skin before breakfast.

Use a primer

If severe frosts have come, you can safely use primers with a large amount of silicone in the composition. These products are not absorbed into the skin and do not cause any harm to it, but at the same time they serve as an excellent thermal pad. Loose powder has the same effect. It can be applied to the face in a thin layer just before leaving the house.

Apply makeup in the office

Experts advise in the winter to accustom yourself to apply decorative cosmetics when you reach your workplace. In the office, you can wash your face again and moisturize your skin, which will help it quickly get used to a sharp temperature drop, writes magazine

As wrote earlier, with the onset of cold weather and the start of the heating season, many people notice that the skin starts to dry out. In some, the skin of the hands especially suffers, it turns red, flakes, and itches. And others notice that the skin of the face becomes very dry and sensitive. Experts told what is usually associated with this condition and what to do.

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