How to remove rust from knives and garden tools: simple cheap ways

rusty knife

To remove rust from garden tools, kitchen knives and other metal objects, you can use special tools sold in hardware stores. But you can remove it without “chemistry”. Simple and cheap household cleaners will come in handy.

white vinegar

You need to put metal objects in a container of white vinegar for a few minutes – and then scrape off the rust, writes architectural digest. If a shovel or other large garden tool has rusted, you can pour vinegar directly on the rusted area, wait for it to dry, and then wipe the rust off with a rough cloth. Heavily rusted knives or gardening tools can be soaked in a container of vinegar overnight, and then the rust removed with a dishwashing sponge or wire wool.

Baking soda

It works well for light rust. Mix enough water with baking soda to make a thick paste. Apply it to the rusted areas and leave for about an hour. After using a dishwashing sponge or a wire washcloth, remove the rust. If it does not come off well, apply soda again and repeat the procedure.

Lemon and salt

Sprinkle the rusted areas with salt and then squeeze fresh lemon juice on them. Leave the composition for about two hours, then remove the rust. You can use lemon peel, dish sponge, scraper.

Lemon acid

You can also remove rust from knives, home and garden tools with powdered citric acid. It’s cheaper than buying lemons and squeezing the juice. Add 3-4 tbsp. l. citric acid in a small bowl of hot water, soak rusty metal objects in it and leave overnight. Next, remove the rust, as in previous cases.

Rusty spots also often appear on faucets, pots, and bathrooms. The experts told how to get rid of rust with the help of hand tools.

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