How to fry cabbage so that homemade people ask for supplements: 5 secrets of a delicious dish

fried cabbage

You can cook a lot of dishes from cabbage. For example, it is often fried in a pan. Five cooking secrets will help make household or table guests ask for more.

  1. Butter is best suited for these purposes, without which it is difficult to achieve a delicate aroma and pleasant taste from a vegetable. In order to save money, you can use a mixture of oils – vegetable and creamy.
  2. Do not cover the pan while roasting, as the vegetable juice will make the cabbage stew instead of fried. In addition, some varieties become tart when stewed.
  3. You also need to learn how to salt the cabbage. If you do this at the beginning, then the dish will become watery, because salt promotes the release of moisture. Therefore, it is recommended to salt the finished dish.
  4. You need to fry cabbage on a fire above average, but not at the maximum. Low temperature causes the cabbage to begin to stew.
  5. Depending on taste preferences, you can add minced meat, mushrooms, or both ingredients at once.

Besides, cabbage is often pickled. And the jellied pie from it turns out to be very tasty, lush and fragrant. It can be prepared as an addition to first courses or served with tea.

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