How long to store sauerkraut at room temperature: tips for the hostess


Sauerkraut is a popular preparation that many people like to make for the winter. Fragrant and crispy, it is perfect for lunch or dinner.

However, those who prefer to cook this dish on their own do not always know how to store sauerkraut at room temperature. More experienced housewives say that this can be done no more than two days.

After that, it will have to be added to food, as it starts to bubble and become covered with a film.

After this time, if it is not moved to the cold, which inhibits the rest of the fermentation process, it will be necessary to wash the billet in cold water and put it in as an ingredient for cabbage soup or another dish – this is often done in the villages. Keep in mind that sauerkraut is not designed to be stored at room temperature for longer.

If you forget to move it in time to the refrigerator, to the balcony or to the cellar, that is, the dish will become simply dangerous.

Previously told how to cook crispy and delicious sauerkraut. A simple and affordable “grandmother’s” recipe will help with this.

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