hairdresser called visually rejuvenating hairstyles

fashionable and visually rejuvenating hairstyles

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Star hairdresser Liam Curran listed not only fashionable, but also visually rejuvenating hairstyles for 2023. Expert comment leads edition of The Sun.

So, according to a stylist who has worked with celebrities such as singer Lana Del Rey, as well as model and TV presenter Laura Whitmore, a bun with protruding hair ends will be relevant next year. To create it, you need to make a straight parting in the middle of the head, collect the strands into a high, smooth, tight tail and twist it around the base clockwise, leaving the ends free.

In addition, the list includes the so-called baby braids, which are preferred by models Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne. They can be made from two tails tied symmetrically on both sides of the head and decorated with bright hairpins and accessories.

Also, according to the hairdresser, there will be a trend towards naturalness and femininity. For example, careless styling in the form of loose curls with a side parting will be popular. This hairstyle could be seen in the singer Rihanna, as well as models Gigi Hadid, Kate Moss and Julia Fox.

A hairstyle can both add age to a woman and visually rejuvenate. All it takes is the right color and the right haircut. The hairdresser previously gave recommendations on how to dye and cut her hair in order to look younger.

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