Gas storage facilities in Germany are almost 100% full

LNG storage tanks, Hamburg, Germany

LNG storage tanks, Germany

©Richard Cummins/Vostock Photo

Gas storage facilities in Germany are already 99.54% filled with gas. This was reported by representatives of the Federal Network Agency of Germany.

The storage level in the country’s largest gas storage (Reden) reached only 93.75%, to be specified on the regulator’s website.

The agency also noted a decrease in gas consumption in the country. In the last week of October, this was due to warm weather. Gas supplies to Germany, the regulator points out, are stable. Their safety is guaranteed.

Gas prices in Germany have also fallen at the moment. However, the agency advised consumers to be prepared for the fact that prices for this type of fuel will rise significantly by winter.

In 2023, Germany has planned spend €83 billion to limit the rise in gas and electricity prices. In October 2022, the German parliament also agreed on a €200 billion gas and electricity price reduction plan from a special fund.

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