EU allocates €250 million for the development of infrastructure for the export of grain from Ukraine

granary and truck

The European Union (EU) and international banks have allocated €1 billion for the development of land infrastructure for the export of grain from Ukraine to Europe. This was announced by the head of the European Commission (EC) Ursula von der Leyen. According to her, the EU has allocated €250 million for these purposes.

In particular, the European Bank, the European Investment Bank and the World Bank have contributed. About it writes TASS on Friday, November 11th. According to the head of the EC, Ukrainian grain from the EU countries is sent to needy countries.

It is indicated that the allocated funds will be used to repair roads and develop border checkpoints on the border with Moldova. This will make it possible to reduce the waiting time for trucks with food, said the head of the EC. She also added that since the beginning of the special operation of the Russian Federation, 60% of agricultural products intended for export have been exported from the territory of Ukraine by land route. Kyiv received €15 billion in profits.

In France, at the end of October, it was reported that Paris working on creating land route for the export of grain from Ukraine, together with their colleagues from the European Union. In particular, options for deliveries through Romania and Poland are being considered, taking into account the price factor.

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