Demand for pirated versions of Microsoft products has increased in Russia

Prohibition to install Windows 11
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Since August 2022, the popularity of illegal distribution of system and office software from Microsoft has been growing in Russia. Market participants attribute this not only to the demand of students and schoolchildren: according to experts, a serious contribution to the indicators is made by the commercial sector, which is not able to integrate Linux-based computers into its infrastructure.

Microsoft Corporation stopped sales of new products in Russia back in March, and in June the company’s operations in the country were reduced. Accordingly, the availability of its software on the domestic market has also decreased, explains Kommersant on Wednesday, November 9th.

Head of the Board of the Digital Economy Development Fund German Klimenko believes that the growth in downloads of pirated copies of Windows is primarily provided by large corporate users. The expert explained that it is almost impossible to integrate Linux machines into the infrastructure already built on Microsoft solutions.

“Therefore, in order to comply with the import substitution plan, companies buy the cheapest Linux from the domestic software registry, and install a hacked OS from Microsoft on computers,” the expert believes.

In June 2022, Microsoft stated that it would continue to fulfill its obligations to customers, but at the same time would significantly reduce its activities in Russia. The decision was explained by changes in the economic forecast and the impact on business in the Russian Federation. Due to the decision to leave the Russian market, Microsoft faced operating costs in the amount of $126 million.

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