Court in Norway upholds son of ex-head of Russian Railways Yakunin for launching a drone

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The court of appeal in the Norwegian Hologaland left the son of the ex-head of Russian Railways Andrei Yakunin in custody. The judge made this decision after the prosecution appealed his release.

Yakunin was detained last week. He was accused of using a drone in Svalbard. As part of the sanctions, Russians are prohibited from using unmanned vehicles in Norway, explains NRK.

On October 27, an appeals court ruled that Yakunin’s drone was not a device subject to sanctions. Therefore, it was decided to release the businessman from custody. The prosecution filed an appeal against the decision. The Supreme Court left Andrei Yakunin in custody.

Andrey Yakunin is not the first Russian to be detained in Norway over the past month. October 11 police delayed four Russians in the province of Nordland, they photographed a closed facility. On October 22 another Russian also detained for the use of drones.

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