Congresswoman in the United States said that under the Republicans, Ukraine will not receive a cent

Marjorie Taylor Green

Member of the United States House of Representatives Marjorie Taylor Green

©Rod Lamkey – CNP / Consolidated News Photos /Global Look Press

Ukraine has received enough money from the US. If the Republican Party wins the midterm elections, Kyiv will not get a single cent, as the vector of attention must be shifted from Ukraine to the south. This was stated by the member of the House of Representatives from the Republicans Marjorie Taylor Green.

During a speech to voters in Sioux City, Iowa, the recording of which published C-SPAN, congresswoman criticized Democrats for funding Ukraine. At the same time, she noted that there are problems in the United States that need to be addressed.

“The Democrats have thrown our border wide open, but the only border they care about is in Ukraine, not in the southern part of America. Under the Republicans, Ukraine will not get a cent! Our country is more important,” the congresswoman said.

Marjorie Taylor Green is an active supporter of Donald Trump and conspiracy theories. In 2021, she was noted for offering to impeach US President Joe Biden for abuse of power in favor of her son.

The Russian Federation predicts the freezing of military assistance to Ukraine after the US elections. It is noted that the Republicans openly talk about unwillingness to fund supplies of military equipment to Ukraine, and the Democrats are losing support among the Americans. Meanwhile, an American newspaper earlier stated that among the Republicans there is a split for aid to Ukraine.

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