China opposed the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine

Olaf Scholz and Xi Jinping

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (left) and Chinese President Xi Jinping (right)

┬ęKay Nietfeld /dpa /Global Look Press

Chinese President, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China Xi Jinping and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz discussed the situation in Ukraine. Their meeting took place on Friday, November 4th.

Xi Jinping pointed out that under the current conditions, the international community should join forces for a peaceful settlement of the Ukrainian crisis. According to him, it is important to create the foundation for the resumption of negotiations between Moscow and Kyiv as soon as possible. “We must work together against the threat of the use of nuclear weapons,” the Chinese President noted. About it writes TASS.

He added that a nuclear arsenal would not solve all problems. It is necessary to do everything possible to prevent the emergence of a nuclear crisis in Eurasia, Xi Jinping stated.

The topic of the possible use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine is being discussed not only in China, but also in a number of Western countries. The Russian Foreign Ministry emphasized that from Russia does not pose a threat the use of weapons of mass destruction, but in the West they are trying to present the case as if Moscow is preparing to strike using such means.

Earlier, a White House press secretary said that US intelligence still sees no signs of Russia preparing to use nuclear weapons during the conflict in Ukraine. Thus, she commented on the words of the American president. He said that for the first time since the Cuban Missile Crisis, the world faced a direct threat of nuclear war.

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