Brussels considers it the duty of the Russian Federation to fulfill the conditions of the “grain deal”

European Commission Brussels

All parties must refrain from any unilateral action that could jeopardize the grain deal. This opinion was expressed on Saturday, October 29, by the official representative of the European Commission, Nabila Massrali.

The European official said that Brussels supports the UN efforts to preserve the agreement on agricultural exports, reports RIA News.

Massrali noted that the grain deal agreements represent a major humanitarian initiative that has a positive impact on access to food for millions of people around the world.

On October 29, Russia officially notified the UN Secretary General on the suspension of participation in the “grain deal”. This decision was made after the Armed Forces of Ukraine used the humanitarian corridor for the export of food from Ukraine as a cover for the attack on the Sevastopol raid.

Official Kyiv then announced that Moscow had suspended the “grain deal” “under false pretenses”and also called for Russia to return to the fulfillment of obligations under the agreements reached.

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