Black boxes of Su-30 crashed in Irkutsk to be deciphered in Lyubertsy

Residents of a house in Irkutsk will receive compensation

The black boxes of the Su-30 fighter, which crashed in Irkutsk, were delivered for decryption to Lyubertsy near Moscow – to the central research institute of the Russian Defense Ministry. We are talking about a device for recording flight parameters, as well as an onboard voice recorder.

According to the representative of the emergency services, both recorders are in a satisfactory condition and are suitable for decoding, writes RIA News. The interlocutor of the agency added that the black boxes did not collapse due to “normal overload”.

Previously, investigators identified two main crash versions Su-30 fighter. Experts conduct an additional inspection of the crash site. The crew of the fighter was unable to divert the falling aircraft from the residential area, previously, due to loss of consciousness During the flight.

The Su-30 aircraft crashed on October 23 on a private house in which two families lived in the Novo-Lenino microdistrict in Irkutsk. As a result, a fire started. Both pilots died, there were no casualties among the local population. The pilots were carrying out an acceptance flight, there was no ammunition on board the aircraft. Residents of the affected building will receive compensation. A criminal case was initiated on the fact of the incident.

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