Automobile plant “Ural” presented a racing truck

URAL's legend

URAL’s legend

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The new racing truck, built by the Ural Automobile Plant, was called URAL’s legend. Especially for racing, the car was equipped with a roll cage, an additional fuel tank and five-point harnesses. In addition, a regular fuel tank and battery pack were placed in the cargo platform.

URAL’s legend will take part in the truck trial “King of the Hill”, which will be held in Tver’s “Pavlov Adventure Park”. According to the general director of the automobile plant Pavel Yakovlev, “Ural” decided to revive this type of motorsport. “Over the years of the existence of the domestic truck trial, the team of the URAL automobile plant has become the most titled,” he noted.

Participation in the race was also confirmed by other major truck manufacturers – the KAMAZ and GAZ plants, reported Ural website.

The trial among trucks and SUVs will take place on November 13, 2022 at Pavlov’s Adventure Park in Tver. During the race cars have to overcome numerous obstacles.

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