attack in the Black Sea confirmed the involvement of London in the events in Ukraine

Embassy of Russia in London

Embassy of Russia in London

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As a result of Ukraine’s actions, organized with the participation of British specialists, Moscow cannot guarantee the safety of civilian dry cargo ships participating in the Black Sea Initiative. This statement was made at the Russian Embassy in London. We are talking about an attempt by the Ukrainian side to carry out a terrorist attack in the Black Sea.

They noted that against the backdrop of what happened, Russia was forced to suspend its participation in the “grain deal”. It is Ukraine and its “Western curators” who are fully responsible for the disruption of the “product deal,” the Russian diplomatic mission said. Embassy statement 30 October leads TASS.

The comment also notes that practical steps in connection with the British role in the attack off the coast of Crimea will be worked out. The diplomatic mission added that the actions against the ships of the Black Sea Fleet and civilian ships showed the degree of involvement of the British intelligence services in the course of hostilities in Ukraine.

Moscow has previously announced its decision to suspend participation in the “grain deal”. The Russian side took such a step because of Kyiv’s attempt to carry out a terrorist attack in the Black Sea – the Armed Forces of Ukraine used a humanitarian corridor to export food from Ukraine as a cover for an attack on the raid of Sevastopol, during the attack, Ukrainian drones attacked the ships of the Black Sea Fleet. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the preparation of the attack was carried out under the guidance of specialists from the UK.

As indicated in the Russian Foreign Ministry, the issue of resuming Moscow’s participation in the “grain deal” may be raised only after clarification of the circumstances of the Kyiv attack. They called what happened a complete disgrace that violates all the conditions agreed upon earlier.

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