At least 100 killed and 300 injured in terrorist attacks in Somalia

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Two car bombs exploded outside the Ministry of Education building in Somalia’s capital on Saturday. According to President Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud, at least 100 people were killed and about 300 were injured.

The President of Somalia said that militants from the Harakat al-Shabaab terrorist group were involved in the explosions. writes Sunday, October 30, Reuters. The number of victims may still increase, many of the victims are in serious condition.

According to preliminary data, the cars were blown up by suicide bombers. After that, there was a shootout between militants and security officers in the building of the ministry.

It is known that the first of the explosions occurred near a busy intersection. The second occurred a few minutes later, when people gathered at the scene to help the victims. The Somali portal Shabelle media network reported that airlines from Qatar, Ethiopia and Turkey canceled flights to Mogadishu on Saturday, fearing more terrorist attacks.

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