a simple but proven gardening technique

strawberries in the garden

Strawberries are considered frost-resistant, but they still need protection in winter. You need to cover the seedlings at a certain time and by the right method: the easiest way is to use the already proven and proven method of gardeners.


There is no need to rush to cover strawberries at the first frost, especially at positive temperatures during the day. In this case, the seedlings will rot under a layer of protection. Berry bushes should be started to cover already after stable sub-zero temperatures have been established on the street, explain “Belnews”.


All weeds from the strawberry garden must be weeded out. It is also recommended to remove all dry leaves from the bushes. Potentially, they can become a source of disease for the whole plant. Experienced gardeners are advised to remove the strawberry mustache as well: otherwise they will take strength from the mother bush.

The soil

The soil within a radius of 15 centimeters from the base of each bush must be carefully loosened. Compost is scattered around with a layer of 3 cm. This will provide the seedlings with not only an additional source of heat, but also nutrition.

What to cover

The easiest way is to cover the strawberries with ordinary sawdust. Each bush is covered with a layer of 10-15 cm. The material should completely cover both the bushes and the leaves.

Previously, experienced gardeners also listed how and how to cover other plants for the winter. There are many nuances in this process, since most often plantings are destroyed not even by frost, but temperature fluctuations and increased humidity that occurs under cover.

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