6 important things in the apartment, which should not be forgotten before leaving


Often, vacation fees leave the apartment in chaos. In addition, at this moment you can forget about important little things. Therefore, before leaving the house, it is better to conduct a small check-up. How to prepare an apartment for departure in order to avoid trouble, told “Subtleties of tourism”.

Pay utility bills, internet and TV

It is better to do this in advance, because if the payment date falls on a vacation, you can easily forget about it. Then you have to deal with penalties and recalculations.

Consider houseplants

If it is not possible to agree on watering indoor plants with friends or neighbors, it is better to remove the flowers from the windowsills and put them in a basin of water. So they will receive the necessary moisture and will not fade.

Protect upholstered furniture from dust

Upholstered furniture should be covered from dust with special covers or sheets. It is unlikely that you will want to vacuum right after the holidays, and the furniture will remain clean in the “shelter”.

Clean up

Clean and wash the kitchen space from crumbs, remove sugar away, pour water from the kettle. Throw out perishable food from the refrigerator, take out the trash. It is also better to clean other rooms – returning to a clean home is much more pleasant than arriving on the “battlefield” with scattered things.

Wash things

Before leaving, it is better not to leave dirty things in the laundry basket or washing machine. You will have something to put there after the holidays.

Think Safety

Close all windows. Shut off the water supply to protect yourself from flooding. It is also important to turn off the gas and unplug electrical appliances from outlets.

Previously, the expert said how to protect your apartment from thieves during the absence of residents. This can be done using modern methods of protection, as well as more familiar methods.

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