5 stylish combinations for a luxurious fall look

At the peak of popularity are leather pants. This piece of clothing looks stylish and impressive. Moreover, in leather trousers you can go to the office, and for a walk, and for a date – a universal thing.

We tell you what it is better to wear leather trousers with in the fall to give an image of elegance and femininity. These tips are especially useful for women who are worried that they will look like rock stars in these trousers.

Denim shirt and dark leather pants

A light blue or blue shirt will look harmoniously with leather trousers in dark shades. This combination of things will perfectly fit into your everyday wardrobe. At the same time, in autumn you will be warm, and the image will turn out to be bright and spectacular, but at the same time soft and feminine, writes purewow.

Blazer, T-shirt and high-waisted leather pants

Such an image is considered universal. It is better to choose a light-colored T-shirt, and the blazer should, on the contrary, be dark. As for leather trousers, in this case, black and beige will look harmonious.

Cropped Sweater and Leather Pants

In combination with stilettos, a cropped sweater and leather trousers will look spectacular. You can also change shoes for sneakers. The image will not be affected by this.

Button down shirt and leather trousers

Straight trousers in any color with a button-down shirt is one of the easiest ways to create a stylish look for the fall. You can complement it with ankle boots in a contrasting shade and bulky accessories.

Bomber Jacket with Black Leather Pants

This combination will appeal to those who love sports style. And it is better in combination with a bomber jacket to give preference to loose-fitting leather trousers. You can complete the look with pointed-toe shoes or white sneakers and a bright accent in the form of a shoulder bag or clutch.

Not all women decide to buy leather trousers. But designers offer many styles and colors that can make the figure slimmer, and the image as a whole younger. Moreover, leather trousers will become great alternative regular jeans.

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