4 Times Younger Royals Got Caught Playing Pranks

Children of the royal family
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Even the youngest members of the royal family must follow certain rules. They apply to how they should behave during ceremonial receptions, at official events and under camera flashes. However, when they feel tired, younger members of the royal family tend to flout the rules.

Princess Charlotte showed her tongue to fans

The daughter of Kate Middleton and Prince William indulged in a prank in 2019, accompanying her parents during the King’s Cup Regatta. Instead of waving at the crowd, four-year-old Princess Charlotte stuck her tongue out at them. To which the audience just laughed.

Princess Charlotte and Prince George Opened Gifts Too Early

Royals open presents on Christmas Eve at exactly 6:00 pm after afternoon tea, which is a German tradition. This is how gifts have been exchanged in the royal family since the time of Queen Victoria, a tradition introduced by her husband Prince Albert, writes The list.

Prince George met Barack Obama in a bathrobe

In 2016, at the age of two, the future king became the subject of media coverage after walking out to greet former President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, in pajamas, a bathrobe and slippers. This moment showed that nothing could stop Prince George from getting ready for bed.

Prince Louis amused the Queen

Prince Louis made a splash on social networks at the platinum jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain. He was first spotted looking out of the windows of the palace before the official appearance of the royal family on the balcony. When the time came for them to appear before the public, he took a seat next to his great-grandmother. He chatted with everyone around, waved to the audience, and when the Royal Air Force planes flew by, he covered his ears. Elizabeth II was only touched.

Senior members of the royal family, for example, Kate Middleton, tend to break the protocol. One of the most memorable of these associated with birth Prince George.

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