3 simple but working methods with a minimum of effort and cost

mouse in the house

Mice often seek shelter in warm and enclosed spaces. Dachas often become shelter for them. There are many ways to help protect your home from pesky rodents. There are also smells that mice cannot stand. Pest control experts told you exactly how you can keep rodents away from your country house with a minimum of effort and cost.

Peppermint Oil

Pest control experts have explained that peppermint oil is an effective method to control mice and rats in the home, writes express. Just a few drops can scare them away for a long time. You can soak cotton pads in peppermint oil and spread them around the house.


Cinnamon is another smell that mice don’t like. In the house you can arrange small saucers with cinnamon – ground cinnamon is also suitable. Experts also recommend using cinnamon essential oil for this purpose. You can moisten cotton pads in it and spread it around the house.

white vinegar

The pungent smell of white vinegar is a natural way to scare away not only mice, but also rats. “These pests cannot stand the strong smell of vinegar, which means that it can be used as an effective rodent repellent,” the experts explained. They suggested soaking some cotton balls or pads in vinegar and spreading them around areas where rodents could enter the house.

Earlier, the gardener said about the easy way scare mice away. According to the expert, classic mousetraps will not help in solving this problem.

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