Armor-piercing projectile defused in Chelyabinsk region

A combat armor-piercing projectile with traces of corrosion was found in the city of Troitsk (Chelyabinsk region) and neutralized by explosives specialists of the OMON Atom, the press service of the regional department of the Russian Guard reported on June 23.

The shell was discovered by a resident of Troitsk when he was walking home: he saw an object that looked like a tank shell on the side of the road. The find was identified by employees of the demining group of the Russian Guard: they found out that it was a combat armor-piercing projectile of 85 mm caliber.

“Due to the lack of marking, the specialists were unable to establish whether the ammunition is a tank one, or whether it is a projectile from an anti-aircraft gun, – the message says. — According to the National Guard, it could explode under the influence of a detonation.

Explosive experts took the dangerous ammunition to the firing range, where they destroyed it, observing all precautions.

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