Armed Forces of Ukraine use American radars to destroy Russian equipment in Donbas (video)

The Sentinel radar system has a short range, but effectively helps air defenses to destroy incoming threats such as missiles and UAVs.

Ukrainian servicemen began to actively use the AN / MPQ-64 Sentinel radar to counter Russian troops in the Donbass. This is reported by the Defense Blog, citing a video filmed by the military and published in Twitter OSINT analyst.

In April, the US sent a new military aid package to Ukraine, which included two AN/MPQ-64 Sentinel radars. According to the description of a similar video on YouTube, one of them was deployed in Donbas in June.

The Sentinel is a short-range 3D radar used to detect threats and quickly alert air defense forces. The radar system operates in the X-band of radio frequencies (8 – 12 GHz) and uses the Doppler effect – a change in frequency and wavelength as the source moves relative to the device. The maximum range is 75 km, but effective operation is limited to 40 km.

The antenna provides phase-frequency electronic scanning, forming a three-dimensional picture for extensive observation. It is mounted on a fast rotating platform (30 rpm) for fast 360 degree scanning. The towed platform allows the antenna to be away from the main unit and operate autonomously, communicating with the fire control center via a broadband fiber optic line or via SINCGARS, a single-channel military-style ground radio system used by the US Army.

The developers provided the radar with high resistance to electronic warfare and anti-radar missiles. The Sentinel interfaces with several air and missile defense architectures, in particular the Increment I Anti-Missile, Artillery, Mortar (C-RAM) system to protect friendly aircraft while firing at difficult targets.

The American radar can be modified to improve the ability to detect, identify and classify targets, including drones and cruise missiles. Additionally, it is planned to upgrade the processor that processes the signals, as well as the introduction of an active phased antenna array (Active Electronics Scanned Array) – the essence of the technology lies in the emission of radio signals by many independent elements, which allows you to direct the rays in different directions without changing the position of the antenna.

In May, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said that 15 APU soldiers were trained to operate AN/MPQ-64 Sentinel radars. In addition, 220 servicemen were trained and learned how to handle American M777 howitzers.

Previously the military showed “smart” radars capable of detecting stealth aircraft and hypersonic missiles. US company Northrop Grumman developed the AN/TPY-5(V)1 long-range system, which has been extensively tested and approved by the US government.

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