Armed Forces of Ukraine showed a clear difference between HIMARS, Grads and Hurricanes – video of MLRS strikes – Ukrainian news, Economics

The American HIMARS missile system is much more accurate than the Soviet Grad and Uragan multiple launch rocket systems. This is stated in the video Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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They noted that “Grads” and “Hurricanes” fire inaccurate and unguided missiles that scatter over a large area. HIMARS, on the other hand, has high-precision guided missiles with a GPS system, their work is shown on the example of US strikes in Afghanistan.

The Ground Forces did not separately note, however, HIMARS also has a long range – up to 84 km when hit by conventional projectiles. At “Hurricane” – up to 35.8 km, at “Grad” – up to 42 km.

Potentially, HIMARS can shoot at a distance of up to 300 km. But this requires an ATACMS missile, which Ukraine The US does not yet.

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