Arestovich again got into a scandal: it seems that women in the army “do not respect people”

With such a statement, Oleksiy Arestovich was named on the air of the YouTube channel ISLND TV. The greeting of the leader of the head of the Office of the President was called out by the leader.

Tsikavo Vikladachka of history became the first woman

What does Arestovich say about women in the Ukrainian army

Behind the words of Oleksiy Arestovich, a woman in the Ukrainian army – tse “zhakh”. The other arguments are those who have few people, such as the majority of women, do not respect women and those who have “hygienic problems” for military service.

Okrim tsyogo, Oleksiy Arestovich, stating that in the Ukrainian army there are no women in the Ukrainian army with objects of sexual harassment, which called out to the leader. At the same time, Arestovich recommended the education of Ukrainian military servicemen, but not “activists.” What a sensational head of the head of the OP contributes to the whole word – it is unknown. Potim Arestovich said that he is a warrior and that he knows what is in our Evil Forces.

Takozh Arestovich said that for “a bunch of people, a woman is not a person.” The leader knocked down Arestovich and said that “not by people” the woman is invading the army of the Valtivnikov, that the Russian occupiers.

Skrutne camp of women in the Ukrainian army Oleksiy Arestovich poov’yazav z clock Cossacks, if women were not allowed to Zaporizka Sich.

Previous scandals over the fate of Arestovich

Oleksiy Arestovich, a Russian law activist Mark Feigin, said on air that the main problem of Ukraine is those Ukrainians “want to encourage a great power with a small culture.” Tsim Arestovich argued the need not to be influenced by Russian culture. Piznishe Arestovich pounced on the quiet, who criticized Yogo for his words.

On the 20th of June, the head of the OP in his social media published a post about “Ukrainian sex” with some of the most vismiya activists. In other words, Ukrainian music, literature, e-sports, agro-innovations, banking, the electronic state and the Zbroyni Forces only oppose the fact that there are no “no activists” there. Criticism of tsikh sliv Arestovich called in the past “a great manifestation of narcissism.”

After that, Arestovich was named after the statement that LGBT people were born. Vin spoke out against the re-examination of the rape, however, calling the representatives of the LGBT “repentance against the norm”, denouncing the rape and condemning the “propaganda”. Through the words of the Ukrainian public organization KyivPride, as if to fight for the rights of LGBT people, they returned to President Volodymyr Zelensky with a prohanny about the introduction of Arestovich. There, the speech of the head of the head of the OP is considered unacceptable and denounces the fact that among the Viysk people, how to harrow our country today, so are the representatives of the LGBT community.

Arestovich himself at the same time published light from the film “Don’t fight, I instruct”, de vin in the image of a woman and signed that “tolerance to oneself”.

Until those radically look at the harder beastly Ukrainian zahisnitsa: marvel at the video

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