APU shot down Russian drone Orlan-10 with a bottle instead of a tank (photo)

Russia lacks high-quality components for the most massive Orlan-10 UAVs used for reconnaissance.

On June 23, the Ukrainian military shot down a Russian reconnaissance drone with a bottle instead of a fuel tank. About this in Facebook reported the 10th Mountain Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Judging by the pictures, the fighters hit the Russian unmanned aerial vehicle “Orlan-10” from small arms, because bullet holes are visible in the tail section and on the side. Otherwise, the drone was perfectly preserved, and representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were able to study how it works. As it turned out, the Russian Federation has problems not only with electronics, but also with other components of military equipment.

The “super-technological” drone of the Russian army ended its flight ahead of schedule and unplanned. It did not happen without the participation of the fighters of the Ten. The photographs show that the tank in this miracle of progress is made from an ordinary bottle and is closed with a plastic stopper. How do you like it, Elon Musk?”, — stated in the message.


Photo: Facebook


Photo: Facebook

The Orlan-10 is the most common type of drone in the Russian Armed Forces, with over 2,000 produced by some estimates. Such devices conduct reconnaissance, are used to direct artillery fire, and are also part of the electronic warfare complex under Leer-3, which can jam mobile communications.

Previously Ukrainian Armed Forces seized Orlan-10, which was protected by foil and tape. This is how the Russian military closed the MNP-M7 navigation module, hoping to save the UAV from the effects of Ukrainian electronic warfare systems. The mentioned drone is one of the newest, as it was released in February 2022. Experts suggest that the reason for the shortage of electronics in the Russian army was not international sanctions, but theft, because manufacturers should have put Israeli navigation boards Kometa-M-VT on Orlan-10 for a long time, and not cheap MNP-M7.

They also wrote that APU successfully hit Russian drones due to cheap Chinese electronics and corruption. In this they are helped by portable electronic warfare systems that interfere with the “jamming” of signals. One of these is the EM4S “Sky Wiper”, which was transferred to Ukraine from Lithuania as part of military assistance.

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