Another hundred German self-propelled guns PzH 2000 can be transferred to Ukraine – 24 March 2022

Vtіm, for the launch of tsієї please need a positive vysnovok of the German order.

The German defense industry came up with a proposition to sell 100 Panzerhaubize 2000 self-propelled artillery mounts to the Defense Forces of Ukraine.

Possibility of delivery lines for tsikh self-propelled guns, as well as variability of purchase of 100 units of PzH 2000 is still unknown. For the beginning of the implementation of this, please your “good” may give order Nimechchini, zokrema Chancellor Scholz.

Before speech how the Nimechchina transfers to Ukraine: complete list

At one time, as Melnik says, Nimechchina can supply Ukraine with a significantly wider transfer of armored vehicles, so that deliveries will be prolonged by the hour.

For example, Ukrainian diplomacy reports on the project of supplying 100 Marder combat vehicles and 88 Leopard 1A5 tanks for ZSU. Ale “Nimechchini order and dosi unfairly blocking the project.”

So Berlin and far away will not be able to sell Ukraine a part of its arsenal of 800 Fuchs armored vehicles, 380 Marder combat vehicles and 325 Leopard 2 tanks.

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