Andre Tan was criticized for the Russian language

Andre Tan urged Ukrainians “not to touch their own”.

Andre Tan was criticized for the Russian language - he answered / UNIAN

The famous Ukrainian designer Andre Tan, who in March switched to tailoring of body armor and warm clothing for the Armed Forces of Ukrainereacted sharply to the question of maintaining their social networks in Russian.

He wrote about this in InstaStories.

Tang responded by accusing some Ukrainians of “attacking their own” as the entire country mourns and cries. The designer admitted that he began to receive a lot of offensive messages because of the Russian language on his page.

“Why should a person think and see the world the way you see it? I am a Ukrainian from Kharkov. I have been speaking Russian all my life. Stop raising the topic of language in social networks. In our free country, this problem does not exist! Do not bite your own!”, he wrote.

Tan stressed that Ukraine is now demonstrating its freedom to the whole world.

“I know how to deal with such behavior of people. But you can bring another to the limit with such actions. Shout into the pillow! Beat the dishes! But don’t touch your own!”, – added the designer.


Previously, the popular presenter Masha Efrosinina and singer Olya Polyakova were criticized for their unwillingness to run their YouTube project in Ukrainian. In their defense, the stars said that they had allegedly there is no “chemistry” with the state language and it is difficult for them to express their thoughts in it.

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