And they said “you are divine, which will not be” – Kuleba, guessing the difficult struggle for candidacy in the EU

About the difficulties of the fight for the candidacy, the minister of foreign affairs of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleb, told about the telethon of the same news. Channel 24 transmits details.

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Behind the words of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, it is even more important to remember that Ukraine happened to survive on the way to the EU, even our way long ago, and far from the 24th fierce fate. Dmitro Kuleba guessing resentment Maidani, blood, tears, war and endless years of negotiations. At the same time, vin podkresliv, scho the result is all the same – the townsman podyakuva vladі hromadyanskomu suspіlstvo, even all tі, hto viriv, ishov forward and speaking with a single voice, all the stink reached its result.

We were killed at once, like a country, tse is our result. A couple of months ago, we did not have a European perspective. Yakby once said, “Let’s become a candidate for membership in the EC,” then she said, “You’re divine, it won’t be, there are procedures, everything is smooth, there is no consensus.” I’ll tell you what even more so everything was cunningly enough, but they finished it, tightened it, twisted it, and today a new era has begun, as it is called more briefly: Ukraine is Europe,
Kuleba said.

On the way to the end of the candidacy of Ukraine, buli and ti, who are skeptical about such a prospect. Behind the words of Kulebi, the list of skeptics has long been known to everyone – tse, zokrema, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Portugal and Germany. At the same time, the honorary officer of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine of Ukraine reassured that the role of giving us the status of a candidate is important Emmanuel Macron. Having respected Kuleb that the decision to give us a candidacy was praised by the head of France itself, – according to the words of the Ukrainian diplomat, it became a principled position for itself at once.

Well, the turning point, I’ll be honest, becoming visit of several European leaders to Kiev last Monday and June Rozmov with President Volodymyr Zelensky. I can say “zalashtunki” that on Friday of the coming day the position of the European Commission was already public, and on Thursday, at the time of the visit of the leaders of France, Germany, Romania and Italy, the residual version of this future document in Europe. Tse bov is a louder, thin and tenditny process, but everything is far away,
– revealing the details of the minister.

Kuleba added that the skin of the country after the solution to the crust of Ukraine deserved champagne on the cells, then tomorrow everyone will turn to fight. Ochіlnik MZS having respected what they gave to the robots of the yoga department nothing will change – a team of diplomats to continue fighting for defense for Ukraine, new EU sanctions, financial support.

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The Minister of Foreign Affairs explained that the European Union is now developing a process powerful large-scale internal reforms, and the Ukrainian MZS reported on the success of the efforts, so that the interests of Ukraine, as a future member, were maximally secured by these changes and reforms. The very same, having sung a diplomat, nadal become a great mega-dead of a political character.

At the same time, other Ukrainian ministries simultaneously work on the implementation of European legislation in our country, a number of necessary reforms are needed, the president controls everything and sets the tasks.

I’m jarting with colleagues from the European Union, so Ukraine is better to implement all the reforms, yakі vy ochіkuєte vіn ї, nizh vy vlasnu reform. That is why, in Ukraine, no one in Ukraine has the right to veto those who want to defend that reform. Natomist is the political will of the president, the political will is in order, just to prove the change. The EU has the right to veto the praise of key decisions, but it’s true be the headliner – how to know the balance, to move from the praise of the deyah decisions by consensus to the decision of the greater. The greatest viklik, before which the European reformers stand,
– respecting Kuleb.

The diplomat explained that there is a lot of food for the functioning of the bureaucratic machine EU – It’s a rich skarg, she’s too big and not a bunny. In addition, the skin country-member may have the right to those who in the European Commission have their own commissar – it is not necessary to bring about the segmentation of the functional at the expense of efficiencybut only for the sake of protecting the interests of all.

To that, if the EU expands and arrives new lands to its warehouse, it will be necessary to change the principle of molding the European Commission. Kuleba, declaring that the European Union is truly a miraculous institution, in this country-members recognize yourselfthat it is necessary for them to carry out low important reforms in order to function effectively in the future.

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Before the word, Dmytro Kuleba, asking all Ukrainians forget the term “Europe got tired of Ukraine”. Vіn having respected that it is a Russian narrative, imposing on us in order to tell us about our menshovartist.

How about in the same way as Ukraine? But here is a sacred place in Ukraine! Marvel at: the head of the European Union, tweet, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, presented the whiskers of Ukraine in a yellow-blaky suit. There’s no way in the sight of Ukraine, forget about this term, I’ll tell you before, I’ll tell you right away and I’ll tell you – if there wasn’t any in the sight of Ukraine, there won’t be,
– Emotionally sing-along of the Ukrainian MZS.

The diplomat added that today (23 roubles), in essence, demonstrating that the rules of the gris on the European continent continue to signify less wine – not Russia, not China, not be someone else. The European Union is the whole strength of the European continent, and this day, the stench of the past, they have seen their own strength, energy, and building to praise the historical solution.

To restore respect, if the Western Balkans summit ended in vain, then the countries of the EU did not make themselves comfortable with themselves, but if Ukraine and Moldova, nourished by supra-national folding, the stench reached a consensus. Insanely tse instill in them faith in their building collapse Europe forward. It’s super cool that we, our generation, have become a part of this process. Today Ukraine has become strong, ЄС becoming strong, but more importantly, today Europe has become strong,
– podsumuvav Kuleba.

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