Anatoly Anatolich composed a swearing tale about Todorenko and other Putinist artists from Ukraine

In his creation, he also remembered the singer Anna Sedokova and the rapper Dzhigan.

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Ukrainian TV presenter Anatoly Anatolich wrote an abusive tale about Anna Sedokova, Regina Todorenko and Dzhigan. At the same time, he calls Todorenko “Rygin” in his creation. Anatolich published a story about silent artists born in Ukraine on his Instagram page.

“Once upon a time in the forest where a stupid sheep named Rygina lived, a fucking old bear named Vova burst in and started destroying all the trees, holes and nests, harmless animals. But Rygin’s stupid sheep, like other animals, such as a marten prostitute Sedokova, or the mentally retarded opossum Dzhigan, pretended that they didn’t understand what was happening. And they hid their wet noses in their asses, “said the TV presenter.

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It should be noted that in the sixth month of the war, none of the above-mentioned stars born in Ukraine spoke out about the full-scale invasion of Russia and the killing of civilian Ukrainians.

Screenshot of Anatoly Anatolich's Instagram stories

Recall refugee Anatolich toldthat in France receives up to 2 thousand euros in aid, free food and housing.

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