American MLRS M142 HIMARS already in Ukraine – Reznikov

As the head of the Ministry of Defense noted, the summer will be hot for the Russian occupiers, and for some of them the last.

Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said that the American MLRS M142 HIMARS have already arrived in Ukraine. About this he wrote on Twitter.

In the publication, the head of the defense department thanked the United States and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin for powerful tools.

“HIMARS arrived in Ukraine. … The summer will be hot for the Russian occupiers. And the last for some of them,” the minister wrote.

Earlier, US General Mark Milley said that the first 60 gunners were trained to use the M142 MLRS. The installations themselves were supposed to arrive in Ukraine before the end of June. Ukrainian gunners were trained for 3-4 weeks to operate HIMARS.


HIMARS is a highly mobile wheeled rocket launcher with 6 rails on board. Ukraine will receive high-precision missiles capable of firing at a distance of up to 85 km. The hit accuracy is +-5 meters from the target. And reloading the entire store takes 5 minutes. This is many times faster than similar Hurricanes, which take an hour or more to recharge.

transfer of RSZO to Ukraine

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The installation works on the principle of “hit-and-run”. From the moment of arrival at the place of firing, deployment, aiming, firing and readiness to leave positions, a few minutes go away.

Recall that expert Michael Clark believes that HIMARS can make a difference in the course of hostilities in Ukraine, and the Ukrainian military will be able to stop the Russian troops.

The State Duma of the Russian Federation stated that in the case of the supply of MLRS, they can strike at the state institutions of Ukraine.

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