Amazon add voice assistant Alexa

For the sake of its function, for the most part, the company wants to give coristuvachs a new opportunity to “save their lives” about their dead relatives, especially for the relief of how many loved ones they lost through the Covid-19 pandemic. For example, at the hour of the presentation, Amazon Senior Vice President and Alexa team’s leading science spokesman Rohit Prasad asked to read “The Enchanter of Oz” in the voice of a grandmother. Alexa confirmed the request with a standard voice, and then switched to a new voice.

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How does it work

Yak write to TechCrunchto win over the human voice, systems an audio recording of a movie trivality is required no more than one piece of credit. After analysis, the column can inherit the characteristics of the movement of another person, including the dead.

Wanting AI not to help you spend the pain, but help save the good,
Rohit Prasad said.

While the technology is still in development, there are no more details about it, but in Amazon they say that “the company can reach even more hostile sound.” It is invisible to those, if the function can become readily available.

More about Alexa:

  • Amazon Alexa is a voice assistant that is integrated into Amazon’s audio device.
  • Among these are Echo (a small stationary speaker is designed to be installed at home), Echo Dot (a miniature version of the speaker with weak speakers), Tap (a portable speaker that you can take with you on the road), Fire TV set-top boxes and others.
  • The technology allows you to perform various operations with the help of voice commands. For example, you can ask an assistant to turn on the music and read the news, tell the weather and information about traffic jams, make purchases or call a taxi. In addition, you can operate the “smart” system at home, mimicking the light, adjusting the temperature parameters and much more.
  • Alexa is always aware and hears the command of the koristuvach is coming. For activation, it is enough to simply call її ім’я.
  • The closest analogues can be called Siri like Apple, Google Assistant and the much less popular Cortana like Microsoft, which is not practiced in Ukraine.

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