Albanian Prime Minister: Read my social media, not Serbian propaganda

Prime Minister of Albania Edie Rama On June 23, during a press conference following the results of the EU-Western Balkans Summits, he expressed regret that the summit did not bring any concrete results for Albania’s European integration.

According to the Albanian news agency Lapsi, the politician noted that the result of the meeting did not come as a surprise to him, and also jokingly noted the superiority of his social network account over Serbian propaganda.

“I feel sorry for the EU. The EU is unable to release the two hostages, which are Albania and North Macedonia because of Bulgaria. Today is a historically sad day. They have a very big problem. I think that we will achieve security with hope for the next century. We will continue to wait until they admit that it is their fault and not ours. I didn’t expect anything other than what I got here. No surprise, there was little hope, I wrote, read my Twitter, not Serbian …

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