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Denisenko asked subscribers to live with love in their hearts, and not spread hatred.

Natalka Denisenko addressed subscribers /

Ukrainian actress Natalka Denisenko published a post on Instagram in which she urged subscribers to live their lives and not spread hatred.

“Tomorrow I can die. Or in a few days, or maybe in 101 years. Even so, life is still fleeting! there are people who do nothing but talk about their hatred, discuss, look for betrayal, breed shit, write troubles. Is it necessary to use life for this? Or is this the life that you want to live? We have a war in our country, each of we are not insured in any way from a rocket that can fly home and on the street at any hour.Do not even through such terrible events finally realize that we must live in truth, in honor, in love, with an open heart, not to look for the bad in what surrounds, but to reach for the good? – wrote Natalka.

She added that for some time she herself was filled with the most evil feelings, but in time she realized that they were simply eating her up. Therefore, she turned to specialists to solve this problem.

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“I’m not saying that you have no right to be angry or hate, we have the right to different emotions, but this should not become the meaning of life and become a habit! If you are not hit by a rocket or bomb, then live! Live with a good soul, love, pleasure and gratitude! And then we will rebuild our dream country,” Denisenko added.

Recall that earlier Natalka Denisenko disgraced holiday in Turkey during the war.

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