“Accession to the EU is a project of a generation. We are ready to pay any political price,” the President of Moldova

According to Maia Sandu, Moldova’s path to the EU will take several years, it is not so much a project of the government or parliament as a generational project.

Moldovan President Maia Sandu commented on the country’s obtaining the status of an EU candidate country. According to her, this is the success of the whole society, but especially of the citizens who, through the elections held in recent years and solidarity, have demonstrated to the whole world the values ​​that guide them. About it informs Journal TV.

“We are a small, vulnerable country that will be safer in the family of the European Union. Joining the EU means integration with the European market, the largest and richest in the world, with significant growth opportunities, with clear and respected rules. For citizens, proximity to the EU means a guarantee rights, freedoms and quality of life,” Sandu said.

The project that Moldova started on its way to the EU will take several years. According to the President of Moldova, this is not so much a project of the government or parliament as a generational project.

“Its success depends on all of us. We accept any political price that will have to be paid for the implementation of this project. Our task is to do everything so that citizens can live in peace, stability, in a country that is developing and moving forward,” she said, noting that most of the reforms that have been undertaken in recent years have come with political costs, which is probably why there have been few reforms.

“We accept them and are ready to pay any political price. Today we must be happy, and tomorrow we will have a hard and long work to build a European Moldova,” Maia Sandu said.

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