About the entrance of ZSU from Lysychansk is not to be found, the exit from Sevrodonetsk “take a day” – Vlasenko

As soon as Roman Vlasenko, the head of the Sєvєrodonetsk regional state administration, Roman Vlasenko, was appointed, there were not only fights there, but regular shelling. The enemy attacked the districts of the city, as with aviation, and with the help of “Tochok-U”.

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Aviation works, “Points-U”, works the entire set of artillery. Step on all directions. Storm Lysychansk, storm the road Bakhmut – Lysychansk. I along Sєvєrodonetsk so, in the villages – Sinetsky, Pavlograd, Sirotina, Borovsk. Skrіz shelling, fighting dії,
– podkresliv vin.

Vlasenko also added that our Viysk dosі perebuvayut at Sєvyrodonetsk. More, it will take an hour to get out of the place. Moreover, it’s not about yakіs there for a year or a day. It’s logical, even if they shelled shchils. І for access without spending it is necessary to be as careful as possible.

Why is Lysychansk standing up, then you see Our military is not yet planning to enter. As having appointed the head of the state administration, it is impossible to speak about a viable scenario at once.
The place was squandered, but there is not enough left

Roman Vlasenko is also rozpoviv, some people live near Sevrodonetsk, as well as Lysichansk. To pray about close to 7 – 8 thousand and 10 thousand per day. Vіn respecting that before the beginning of a large-scale invasion of meshkants, there were 100,000 in each place.

ZSU to move into new fortified positions

The head of the Lugansk OVA, Sergiy Gaidai, voiced this idea. Vіn pіdkresliv, scho the reason for this is the situation on the battlefield. Movlyav, our viyskovi simply there is no sense to change on broken positions lishe for moreover, shchob there buti. And all to the fact that the presence of unfortified territories becomes the cause of an increase in the number of victims among our defenders.

Sergiy Gaidai added that the ZSU had already taken away the order. Vіn transferring їхнє transfer to new positions in fortified areas. Movlyav, zvіdti you can continue to conduct battles, as well as beat on the gates.

Let’s guess that Sєverodonetsk is practically evil. Yogo updovzh chotiriokh mіsyatsіv occupant the ice was not shelled every day. Also, the infrastructure of the city recognized colossal ruins, and 90% of the houses are near the city, either privately or mostly.

Varte uvaghi – the nearest days the occupiers to succumb to their attack: marvel at the video

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