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When I explored the whole virtual world, but I really want to do something else.

A Skyrim player killed a character with a sweet roll / video screenshot

Some users do not want to leave their favorite game worlds, even when they have studied everything inside and out. In order to have an excuse to stay in them longer, fans come up with various strange entertainments for themselves. In this regard, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is ahead of other projects. Bethesda Game Studios action-RPG fans are more likely than anyone else to come up with all sorts of bizarre activities. For example, one of the players pumped the skill of stealing to the maximum and stole clothes from all the inhabitants of Whiterun. And recently, killing with a sweet roll has joined the general list.

The visitor was noted as a specific achievement reddit forum under the pseudonym Proxifur. The video below shows how the player is in some kind of fortress. Opposite the user on the balcony were two NPCs. Proxifur chose a girl as his victim.

A few seconds later, the player telekinesis grabbed a sweet roll and threw it at the NPC. The “shell” landed on the lady’s head, after which she began to fall to the ground. There are several options why the girl died from such a strange “weapon”. Perhaps due to the long flight, the roll dealt more damage than it should, or the NPC was at minimum health.

Briefly about The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

  • This is a legendary action RPG that came out ten years ago. She recently received an anniversary edition with various additions.
  • The plot of the game tells about the confrontation with the dragon Alduin. He is going to destroy the world, and only the main character is able to stop the monster.
  • In the project, you can complete tasks, fight, upgrade your character, build your own house, collect equipment, and so on.

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