A resident of Nizhny Tagil lost money after receiving a message from the bank

A resident of Nizhny Tagil, a 46-year-old power engineer, lost 12 thousand rubles. He wanted to receive 3,000 rubles for completing the survey through a messenger, the press group of the Ministry of Internal Affairs said.

The man received a notification on his cell phone from a financial institution with the following content: “Action from the Bank. Help us become better and get a bonus. Complete the survey and get the money in your account in 45 minutes. By clicking on the link, the man entered personal data, a phone number and indicated the number of a bank card where he planned to receive a reward. After that, he entered the code number that came in the SMS message.

Later, the victim, having decided to check the balance of the card, discovered that his funds had been debited, and realized that the money had been stolen. The man said that he was aware of these types of crimes, but he could not resist the tempting offer of “easy” money.

As a result, investigators opened a criminal case for stealing money from a bank account.

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