A project center for students was opened in Nizhny Tagil for 3 million rubles

A design center for digital technologies in metallurgy has been opened at the Nizhny Tagil Institute of Technology (NTI), a branch of UrFU. EVRAZ allocated 3 million rubles for its creation.

The Design Center is a flexible workspace for the learning process. To create it, the premises were reconstructed, furniture and computer equipment were purchased: laptops and accessories for them, an audio system, a TV, virtual reality glasses and an electronic board. We also purchased special software “Studying the device and principle of operation of the Ladle Furnace”, “Rolling Mill Stands”, virtual training complexes “Blast Furnace Operation Technology Simulator” and “Oxygen Converter Operation Technology Simulator”.

Now NTI will introduce a new direction “Digital Metallurgy” into the training programs, it will be focused on improving the technical processes of EVRAZ NTMK. Students will solve real problems and questions while completing projects. This will allow them to better understand the technology of ferrous metals production and learn how to solve problems in real time.

“It’s great that modern high-tech spaces are appearing in our educational institutions. Previously, students got acquainted with production only in practice or after getting a job, but now they can see the operating equipment and understand the specifics of its work directly during theoretical training using 3D modeling, IT technologies,” said Denis, Technical Director of EVRAZ NTMK Koshkarov.

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