A new tourist route has appeared in the Sverdlovsk region

A new tourist route to the Mitkiny Lakes has been opened in the Sverdlovsk Region. You can visit them as part of a weekend tour, leaving Yekaterinburg on the Orlan rail bus. This was reported in the press service of the park “Deer Streams”.

The new route connects two popular trails: along the Serga river valley and towards the Karst bridge rock. It runs through a suspended 45-meter crossing in the area of ​​the Priest rock, which will be opened in the coming days. Next to it will put a parking lot with a gazebo and a fire zone.

“The long route to the Mitkiny Lakes goes from Bazhukovo through a cable crossing in the center of the park, the Big Failure, and is 20 km. The construction of another crossing in the valley of the Serga River made it possible to shorten the route by about a third and make it more convenient. The new route will make it possible to combine the existing trails and make a few more “rings” in the park,” said Elena Sorokina, deputy director of the Oleni Ruchi park.

Deer Streams is a natural park in the Sverdlovsk region, 200 km from Nizhny Tagil. It was discovered in 1999 on the border of three foothills and the mountain strip of the Middle Urals. Its area is 127 square kilometers, there are more than 20 natural monuments on its territory. Five hiking trails with a length of 4 to 18 km were equipped for visitors.

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    Photo: press service of the park “Deer Streams”

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    Photo: press service of the park “Deer Streams”

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    Photo: press service of the park “Deer Streams”

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