A new bridge was opened in the village of Serebryanka near Nizhny Tagil

In the village of Serebryanka on Wednesday, September 21, vehicular traffic was launched on a new bridge. The old wooden crossing, which is more than 40 years old, will be dismantled before the end of the week.

The opening of the crossing across the Silver River removed a number of problems of the village, in which about 650 people live permanently. More than 96.4 million rubles were allocated from the regional budget for the construction of the bridge.

“The infrastructure of rural areas is changing. And by the way, I can state that the population of villages and villages attached to the city is increasing,” Nizhny Tagil Mayor Vladislav Pinaev wrote on his VKontakte page.

The new two-lane bridge, 72 meters long, with an asphalt concrete surface, a fence and a dedicated pedestrian zone, was built to replace the old wooden structure that had served for more than 40 years. Until the end of October, West LLC will complete work on this site: it will carry out reclamation, level the coastline, sow slopes with grass.

The construction of the bridge is the result of the municipal rural development program, which was developed in 2019. It was formed by the heads of territorial administrations and residents of 22 settlements attached to the urban district of Nizhny Tagil.

“In three and a half years, we managed to remove from the agenda problematic issues that have not been resolved for a long time. To go far, here is an example of the Serebryansky administration: a bridge over the Poludenka River was reconstructed, a fire station was built, 3 shaft and 7 tube wells were repaired. A new power transmission line was put into operation from the village of Sinegorsky to Verkhnyaya Oslyanka, 40 km long, with the replacement of wooden poles with reinforced concrete ones, and the power supply line to the village of Zarechnaya was reconstructed. The quality of cellular communications has improved significantly, a fiber-optic communication line has been laid to socially significant facilities,” said Lidia Pannikova, deputy head of the department for territorial development and public relations of the mayor’s office.

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