A hybrid of a dog and a bear. Scientists have found the remains of a previously unknown animal species (photo)

Experts discovered the lower jaw of an animal that weighed about 200 kg and lived in the mountains of the Pyrenees region.

A hybrid of a bear and a dog is clearly not something you would want to meet during a holiday in a ski resort in France. Luckily, these terrifying carnivores went extinct about 7.5 million years ago, but paleontologists have only recently discovered this new species. Daily Mail.

The fossilized lower jaw of a bear-dog or amphicyonid was found in the south-west of France in the mountains of the Pyrenees region. Paleontologists discovered that the jaw had a unique lower premolar and suggested that it belonged to the bear-dog genus.

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Fossilized lower jaw of a bear dog found

The team named this species Tartarocyon, which weighed around 200 kg. The jawbone of Tartarocyon belonged to an individual that lived from 12.8 to 12 million years ago, its remains were found in marine sediments explored in the small French commune of Salspies.

What are bear dogs

Bear dogs are an extinct family of terrestrial carnivores. They first appeared in North America during the Middle Eocene about 45 million years ago. The weight of the members of the family ranged from 5 to 773 kg.

Over the next 22 million years, they spread and became a major part of the fauna in Europe, Asia and Africa, but mostly disappeared by the end of the Miocene, 8 million years ago. They were among the first carnivores to have a large body size.

commune of Salspis, map, photo

The jawbone of Tartarocyon was formed 12.8 to 12 million years ago in marine sediments explored in the small French commune of Salspies.

The first finds of amphicyonids occurred at the beginning of the 19th century. Since then, fossils of this dog have been found in the state of Nebraska in North America, as well as in Europe – in France and Spain.

They are thought to have entered into competition with other dog-like species that developed similar body size, cranial and dental adaptations, leading to their extinction.

Recall that earlier In Egypt, scientists have found an unusual dinosaur. He lived on our planet 98 million years ago, they have incredibly small front paws, and his muzzle resembled a bulldog.

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