A good old booth: what was left out of Popasna – motor video

I will write down that there are three less quills enough to understand what kind of Russian “zvilnennya” looked like. Yogo obryudniv 23 black journalist and blogger Denis Kazansky.

Respect Russians to throw over the trains and advance on the Skhodі: a map of combat actions for 23 worms

What a sight can be dangerous after shelling

On the cob you can see a living budinok, which was fired from several sides. New boules have used up ammunition, and they have had that confusion of people.

Popasnya no longer lost her dear big booth
Zhahlivy nasledki shelling near Popasny / Screenshot

Here, at the 9-surface, there is simply a rotting of the windows, and under the ceiling you can see the great traces of the soot in the fire, which began after the shells were fired.

Popasnya no longer lost her dear big boothZhitlovy dіm near Popasnіy after Russian shelling / Screenshot

Bula on the video and a rich top, yak smashed the vshchent. In the middle of it, the frame of the spore was left behind, and all the stitches are vibite chi vigorile.

Popasnya no longer lost her dear big booth
Lowered bugatoverhіvka in Popasnіy / Screenshot

Okrim tsgogo, on the video are dozens of smaller budіvels. In the middle of them trapleyayutsya navit tі, de already no dahu or parts of the walls.

Popasnya no longer lost her dear big booth
The Russian army destroyed more houses in Popasna / Screenshot

Everyday life. They just came (Russians – channel 24) and they destroyed the whole place, as if they lived a calm, peaceful life. My divine Russian imperials are called “additional help” and “fortune”,
– podsumuvav the author to add.

Dangerous after the shelling of the Russian army: marvel at the video

What is the current situation in the Luhansk region

The head of the Luhansk OVA Sergiy Gaidai on 23 chervnya having shown that for the capture of the region to take control of the enemy, he began to pull up the remaining reserves. Although it is important for our defenders to keep the defense up, this situation is a positive signal.

Posadovets explaining that the end of forces, as if he could accumulate an enemy, to tell about this significant weakening. That trouble has come get into the depths of the mind. Prote will still be baked positional battles. Please note that the British intelligence service also warned that the Russian army will not be able to conduct an active offensive in the coming months.

Zauvavte – Gaidai Rozpov, where to fight in the Luhansk region: marvel at the video

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