A Chinese artist created a concept for a hotel on wheels for the carefree transfer of Mars

The author of a daring concept, known under the nickname LOONGT, named his robot Tesla Mobile Resort Hotel. Overall machine theoretically can be zastosovana also on the month. However, it was clear that before the realization of these dreams, there is still more than a decade.

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Characteristics of Tesla Mobile Hotel

You can appreciate the size of a hotel on wheels by comparing it with the figures of a person and a Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck, which can be seen in one of the images (smut photo).

The design is made up of ten massive wheels on five from the skin side and the central part, the designer has put in:

  • Zones for rozvag i vіdpochinku, zokrema casino and restaurant. The very stench on the renderings of the placement at the blocks with glassy walls.
  • At the lower L-like block, it is proposed to build a gym.
  • Under it, it is saved similarly to the transport allowance for the donut form – 6 or 9 pieces.
  • Dali – rooms for guests of the hotel. The stench is crushed at what looks like horizontal cylinders. Judging from us, їх vіsіm і the stench is also due to buti zі skla.
  • І nareshti, another type of transport capsules, which were built once before the flight.

Design Mobile Resort Hotel
Construction Mobile Resort Hotel / Image LOONGT

One of the digital little ones shows the distribution at the next hotel, whose clients watch for the Sun’s descent on Mars, chatting at the cursed halls. Sprats of aparativ hovered over the surface of the planet.

Mobile Resort Hotel
The author of the Mobile Resort Hotel concept focuses on the transparent walls of the hotel, which will allow customers to enjoy the views of Mars and Moon / Image LOONGT

Judging from the bottom line, one such hotel cannot accept a large number of people through a small number of capsules for living, to that price, to bring a flight to Mars chi Mіsyats without raising the high cost, be a chimalo.

Whether it’s a fluke, today it’s less than a fantasy, for the sake of such a people, it’s necessary to go through a majestic swarm of rocks. Tourist routes on other planets will be out of reach for a long time, as soon as they become real.

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