A beautiful sight SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket made a black spiral in the sky of New Zealand

As if to say Channel 24, a spiral of two-stage SpaceX Falcon 9 rockets appeared in the sky, as it launched from the Maydanchik cosmodrome on the Canaveral Missile near Florida, and it put into orbit a satellite link from the American company Globalstar.

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How did the spiral

The phenomenon was approved by the Falcon 9 block. Vinicla spiral at the moment when the upper leg of the Falcon 9 let out fire, which is gone, wrapping around on the later axis, to stabilize its orientation, the first lower one sinks in the Pacific Ocean.

On top of the first stage of the Falcon 9, which is bagatorazovim, the top one is stained material. Such spirals were commemorated after the other launches of Falcon 9.

Spiral Falcon 9
The spiral was created by the Falcon 9 rocket / Photo from Claire Rehill’s twitter

Varto signify that Falcon 9 rockets are not often flooded after the start of the attacking observation in the sky, however, they are launched with a lot of pads, so it’s easy enough to know the photo with the bright stripes and the hostile defenses after the launch of the rocket.

And prote, the skin launch of Falcon 9 will always bring satisfaction, shards against the autonomous landing of the first stage on the floating platform and maydanchik marvelous dosi.

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New SpaceX record

Guess what SpaceX successfully launched three rockets from space from 17 to 19 three starting maidanchiks in the USA – tse became a new record for the company. 53 Starlink satellites, a German military satellite, and that commercial satellite sent a call into orbit.

Before the speech, the Falcon 9 rocket, as it put the satellites into orbit on 17th worm, made its thirteenth flight. A similar number of successful launches cannot yet be boasted by another rocket from the SpaceX fleet.

Apparently, this copy of the Vicon rocket has already nine missions, which have been put into orbit by Starlink satellites, as well as three commercial projects.

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