91-year-old billionaire Rupert Murdoch is divorcing his fourth wife

The media mogul and the former model have been married for six years. This marriage is Hall’s first and Murdoch’s fourth.

91-year-old American media mogul Rupert Murdoch is divorcing 65-year-old Jerry Hall, former lover of Mick Jagger, after six years of marriage, report Western media. This is the elderly billionaire’s fourth divorce and his shortest marital union.

As for Jerry, for her this marriage was the first. Prior to that, she had a very long relationship with the frontman of the Rolling Stones, to whom she bore four children: Elizabeth, James, Georgia and Gabriel. The couple unofficially married in Bali in 1990, but the ceremony was declared invalid by the UK’s highest court after their separation in 1999.

Murdoch, who is worth $17.7 billion, has a total of six children: daughter Prudence MacLeod, now 64, with his first wife, Patricia Booker, to whom he was married for nine years. His second wife, journalist from Glasgow Anna Mann, gave birth to three children in 32 years of family life: daughter Elizabeth (53 years old) and sons Lachlan and James. They are now 50 and 49 years old respectively.

The third wife of the billionaire was Wendi Deng, who gave her husband daughters Chloe (21 years old) and Grace (19 years old). Murdoch married Wendy just 17 days after divorcing his second wife Anna. At the time of their marriage, Murdoch was 68 years old, while Wendy was only 30 years old. The marriage lasted 14 years.

Murdoch and Hall began dating secretly in 2015, and in October of that year, The Mail on Sunday reported that their romance began after they were introduced in Australia by one of Murdoch’s sisters and his niece. The lovers tied the knot in London in March 2016 in a very modest ceremony at Spencer House after a tumultuous five-month romance.

At the time, the media mogul expressed his joy at the marriage, tweeting shortly after the ceremony concluded that he would be taking a break from social media to enjoy newlywed life:

“No more tweets for ten days or never! Feel like the luckiest and happiest person in the world.”

The day after the official ceremony, the couple threw a more lavish party, which was attended by all ten of their children. Hall’s two daughters and Murdoch’s two younger daughters acted as bridesmaids, with the media mogul’s son Lachlan presiding over the couple’s first ceremony.

After the wedding celebrations, Hall shared a photo of her husband and all her children, writing next to it: “My beautiful family!”

Although the details of the couple’s divorce process or paperwork have yet to be made public, it is likely that this divorce will be one of the most expensive in the world. Previously, Murdoch had already spent money on divorce, paying his second wife Anna $ 1.7 billion.

One point of contention for the couple in the divorce process could be a $200 million cattle ranch called Beaverhead in Montana, which was formerly owned by oil tycoon Fred Koch and his children. Hall and Murdoch bought it in December 2021, just seven months before their impending divorce was revealed. The purchase of a 340,000-acre ranch located near Yellowstone National Park was the most expensive ranch sale in Montana history.

Murdoch’s media empire includes Sky TV and the Sun and Times newspapers. He owns the American television network Fox News and the Wall Street Journal, as well as several businesses in his native Australia.

While the almost ex-spouses are already solving property issues, the Network reacted to the separation of the couple and exploded with photo-toads, in which they mostly ridiculed the venerable age of the billionaire, who is getting divorced in his tenth decade. There were even those who joked that Murdoch and Queen Elizabeth are now single and hinted at a possible new romance.

Recall why Jerry Hall is called the woman of Mick Jagger’s life.

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