50 million rubles were stolen from a businessman on Kutuzovsky Prospekt

It seems that the “dashing nineties” are closer than we would like. Egor B., co-founder of the company “Prombit” (the name of his REN TV channel is not calls) was the victim of robbers who ambushed him at the exchange office.

The entrepreneur was heading there to exchange rubles for dollars. The attackers sprayed him in the face with a spray can, hit him, snatched out a bag with money and disappeared. Now the police are looking for them.

Many questions remain. For example, why did a businessman choose such a “tube” and clearly unsafe way to buy currency. And how did the gentlemen of fortune know what exactly Yegor was carrying in his bag. Perhaps he was not the only victim of the raiders.

By the way, the day before, after the partial mobilization announced in Russia, the dollar fell below 59 rubles – for the first time since August 19.

Photo: shutterstock.com


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