22-river water near Lviv was drugged already 3 years after the rights were taken away

As the press service of the patrol police of the Lviv region confirmed, a recheck in the medical deposit confirmed the fact of the implantation of narcotic speeches.

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I took away my rights – I spent my rights: the police seized water on drugs

As the Lviv policemen said, around 19:00 on the Mechnikova street, patrols sounded a Mercedes-Benz Е260 car. Behind the kerm was a 22-river native of the Lugansk region.

The result of drug tests
The result of drug tests / Photo of the patrol police of the Lviv region

The water showed signs of drug addiction. The re-verification in the medical mortgage was confirmed. A protocol was filed on the woman for care by a transport facility at the sleeping station.

Tsikavo, that she herself, 3 years before the zatrimannya, exchanged her fortune, as you can see for two years, on a new one. Narazі vodіytsі threaten a fine of 17 thousand hryvnias and liberation of vodіyskih rights.

A protocol was filed on the woman for the care of the transport facility at the sleeping station
22-river vodiytsi annulled the rights / Photo of the patrol police of the Lviv region

Behind the data ZAXID.NETphysicians established the fact of marijuana implantation at the 22nd river water.

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  • On Kosmichny near Zaporizhzhya fatal accident. Three cars were used up in an accident, after which one of the waters perished. As eyewitnesses told the law enforcement officers, the driver of the car “VAZ 21101” drove off on high speed and did not run into the caravans. Vіn raptovo vyїhav on zustrіchnu smugu and zіshtovhnuvsya with cars Audi A6 and Volkswagen Golf.
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  • Near Cherkasy region becoming zbіg dvoh vantazhnyh vagonіv. The accident happened on the stretch Raygorod – Kam’yanka.

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