121 days of war – the main news of Ukraine 24 March 2022

Channel 24 collected up-to-date information about the most important events of the day in one article. More – read on.

Uvaga The European Parliament is for the candidacy of Ukraine, and Russia took off new sanctions: mainly for the 120th day of war

The novelty is added

05:39 Tim an hour the court at the Czech Republic did not allow to see the Ukrainian Russian Oleksandr Franchetti. Respectfully, scho vin buv is reckonable to the occupation of the Crimean pivostrova.

04:50 From a full of fortune-tellers, the head of the Kherson ODA of Andriy Putilov was thrown into the distance. About the ceremonies of Sergiy Khlan, who at once shocked the administration. I didn’t share the other details of wines.

04:44 Journalist Denis Kazansky showed what was left in Popasna, what was in the Luhansk region. Vіn having respected that the city had not lost its precious house, which was a great success.

03:44 In addition, in OK “Pivden” they respected that the storm near the Black Sea is playing into the hands of Ukraine. Vіn literally naganyaє on the fleet of the land-aggressor sea sickness. At the same time another threat appears. Watch for possible drift min. Zokrema is quiet, like whistles you can carry to the shore.

03:32 The OK “Pivden” spoke about the situation in the region. The authorities confirmed that cynical missile strikes on civilian infrastructure are not just happening. It is not a sign that the enemy is literally in a state of agony.

03:00 The Solom’yansky District Court of Kiev, having looked into the first place, inquired about the salary at the hour of the war. We respect that the next meetings will be closed. The first judicial process of the Russian military Mikhail Romanov. Vіn near the birch taking part in the occupation of the Brovary region, having shot a civilian, and also having taken charge of his squad.

01:57 The EU has appointed that they want to bring their work to the fore in order to increase the military support of Ukraine. In addition, our powers continue to push the financial support.

01:12 The Zaporizhia OVA was told the details of the shelling of the regional center. As it was said, there were no “prilyotiv” on the new evening of 23 worms. Natomist zagarbniks were beaten with RSZV.

01:11 Russian zagarbniks bombed an ostrich farm in the Donetsk region. Yak rozpov_v journalist Denis Kazansky, after whom the creatures perished.

00:06 InformNapalm’s hromadsky and riverman Mikhailo Makaruk named the main centers of strikes in the Belarusian army. On yoga thought, continue to attack our state from the edge. І to pray about the following settlements:

  • Kovel;
  • Varash;
  • Sarny;
  • Ovruch;
  • Chernigivshchyna.

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